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About five years ago me and my brother decided to build Ti frame. We loved BMX, but then were young and stupid. HAHA, of course - we didn't made that frame.
Since then we were thinking about varios bmx products, drawed models of them and thought how to manufacture them. The first part we build was a very good front hub. That was four/five years ago. The weight was only 185 gr. and featured much stronger axle than a regular hub. Only problem was manufacturing quality. So we stopped making those hubs, but continued to develop our ideas on different products.
Nowadays we have a lot more options in Latvia. Machining quality become very good and prices more reasonable. Starting 2009 we are making bmx parts under our brand “MENTAL BMX”.
Designing our products we pay more attention to tehnical side like materials, loads, forms etc..
So far we have build: barends, front hub, front hub hubguard, rear hubguard, pegs, sprocket, and one stem prototype which is on testing.
Thank you for your interest and have a nice day

2010. 1 janv.
Janis Dreimanis
Edmunds Dreimanis
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